20 Best Cost Per Sale/CPS Affiliate Networks

Cost Per Sale or Pay Per Sale is one of the sustainable affiliate marketing models. In this model, the advertiser pays commission only when his or her product gets sold.

In today’s post, we will list some of the Best CPS/PPS Affiliate Programs that will help you promote unlimited popular products and services and get paid high affiliate commissions.

If you are looking for CPA Affiliate Networks, you can check another post that features some of the best Cost Per Action Affiliate Networks.

If you are an affiliate and looking for a high-paying, secured, and advanced CPS Affiliate Network, the ongoing post can turn out to be highly beneficial for you as you get to have varied choices for effective and efficient CPS Affiliate Networks.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, don’t worry. You can learn about it from the post Affiliate Marketing for Dummies, and if you are still confused, you can learn How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

I am doing affiliate marketing for quite a long time and working with many top affiliate networks. I have good experience working with them, and I know this industry.

With my experience and research, I am sharing you this list of the best Cost Per Sale Affiliate Networks which will help you choose the network which fulfills your needs.

On these affiliate networks, you can find lots of cost-per-sale affiliates offers with high commission rates. One can trust these networks as they work for a long time and always pay their affiliate on time.

Apart from running CPS Affiliate Programs, most of these Affiliate Networks also offer Cost Per Lead Programs, Recurring Affiliate Programs. The entire affiliate marketing activities are managed effectively by these CPS Affiliate Networks.

You can look forward to advanced technology, enhanced account management, a secure and reliable platform, a wide range of products and services, and much more. Advertisers, affiliates, and agencies can look forward to increasing their online business sales and revenue.

I surely believe that this list of 20 Best Cost Per Sale (CPS) Affiliate Networks will prove highly beneficial for you.

20 Best CPS/PPS Affiliate Networks

1. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing has been recognized as a Global Leader in Cost per Sale (CPS) Affiliate Networks.

It has specialized in the field of Affiliate Marketing and especially for running Cost per Sale Affiliate Programs. Rakuten Linkshare brings onboard its superior platform strength, international capabilities, and quality support.

It has already been named as the #1 Affiliate Network.

Rakuten Linkshare has successfully gained the faith of thousands of Advertisers and Publishers (affiliates) from all around the globe. So, if you are looking for a massive volume of sales or excellent affiliate commission, then Rakuten Linkshare can surely turn out a great choice for CPS Affiliate Network.

Rakuten Linkshare is regarded as a global affiliate network that empowers marketers in engaging shoppers across the entire consumer journey.

It is one of the best CPS Affiliate Network connecting advertisers with publishers, helping them reach new audiences and influence repeat purchases.

Rakuten Marketing is known for delivering a “holistic strategy” to offer an opportunity for incremental revenue and optimized performance.

It has been a leading and, in fact, #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for seven consecutive years. In 2016, Rakuten Linkshare facilitated more than 100 million orders worldwide. This itself speaks volumes of the success that Rakuten Linkshare has had over the past several years.

Its Publisher solutions help to partner with recognized brands and earn commissions directly from your site. Plus, its Advertiser solutions drive performance for your business through superior service and innovative technology.

Rakuten Marketing makes a “Big” difference when you take up Affiliate Marketing partnering with this global leader.

It offers comprehensive screening and monitoring, ensuring the quality of your affiliate program partners. It offers products and tools making affiliate marketing easier to implement, measure, and optimize.

It has best-in-class account management, helping to grow your business. Rakuten Linkshare offers integrated marketing insights. The affiliate network can process payments to 202 countries/regions in 25 different currencies.

Payment method: PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check
Payment threshold: 50 USD

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network

2. ClickBank

ClickBank is another massively popular CPS Affiliate Network. In fact, ClickBank is one of the most popular online marketplace and affiliate programs.

The network has championed itself in promoting digital information products.

However, you can find a wide range of products selling on ClickBank, including sports, health, fitness, hobbies, parenting & families, home & garden, and many others, as well.

Moreover, ClickBank has grown and evolved as a CPS Affiliate Network with time.

It has successfully incorporated the latest technology and has provided a reliable and powerful platform for advertisers and publishers to do profitable e-commerce business.

In fact, ClickBank registers more than 30,000 transactions per day across 190 countries globally. ClickBank was one of the earlier pioneers to provide a simple and effective platform for people to sell their products online.

Its affiliate program is one of the most famous on the Internet. ClickBank has been the starting place for many aspiring affiliate marketers.

With ClickBank, you can rest assured that you will be credited with the sales you make. In fact, many big affiliates make handsome income on this network.

As an affiliate with ClickBank, you stand to make an impressive commission for every sale made through them.

The best advantage to talk about with ClickBank is that Affiliates get a plethora of categories and products to choose from, which they can promote in ClickBank.

The program offers both basic and advanced search filters allowing affiliates to specify what they are looking for. The search tool also works for vendors.

It even offers “Statistics and Reports” for affiliates in the form of ClickBank Marketplace Statistics.

Number of Offers: 10000+
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Method: Check / Direct Deposit / Wire

ClickBank PPS Affiliate Network

3. Commission Junction

Commission Junction (CJ) is another top-rated CPS Affiliate Network. It is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks out there. It is the largest affiliate network in North America.

CJ operates worldwide. They have witnessed tremendous growth in the affiliate marketing industry. It is one of the best places to start with affiliate marketing.

CJ provides a powerful affiliate network for advertisers and publishers through which advertisers can drive more sales and provide an opportunity for publishers to make a good amount of money through their website.

It is well recognized Pay Per Sale Affiliate Network with advertisers and publishers. It already has more than 3000 advertisers in its network.

CJ has harnessed technology to provide an excellent earning opportunity to advertisers as well as publishers. All-in-all, Commission Junction is a professional and leading affiliate network.

Signing up as a publisher is free and instant. It does not require any manual approvals.

Here are some of the reasons to go with CJ:

  • Wide selection of offers: CJ has tons of merchants. Besides this, CJ has lots of different types of offers. It has the usual Pay per Sale deal. Plus, you can also find Pay per Lead or Pay per Call offers.
  • Established Merchants: Most of its merchants are more established, being the Fortune-500 type of companies.
  • Tons of Affiliate Banners: It offers tons of banners and marketing material.
  • Centralized Affiliate Payments: CJ themselves is paying all commissions.
  • CJ’s main highlights being the ability to customize offers, large quantities of advertisers and verticals, and reliable payment.

CJ is very popular among bloggers as well as small Web publishers.

Payment Methods Available: Check, Direct Deposit.
Payment Terms: Net-20.
Minimum Payout Threshold: $50

CPS Affiliate Networks

4. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the most popular PPS Affiliate Network. ShareASale backs on its advanced, accurate, and efficient technology, reliable network platform, and ethical and transparent business model.

It has a successful track record of more than ten years to its credit. It provides superior customer service and delivers an advanced Affiliate Marketing Platform to advertisers and publishers.

Moreover, ShareASale is credited with a wide network of advertisers that exceeds well above 3500 in numbers. Its innovative ideas and reliable business practices make it an awesome Affiliate Network.

ShareASale is in the business for over 17 years now. They are one of the top names in CPS Affiliate Networks.

They are known for making improvements to their program. They are constantly working to make their merchants and affiliates happier.

They have a reputation for being an honest and fair company. They have efficient tools and offer accurate reporting. Their customer service is top-notch.

Signing up to ShareASale is a simple and five-step process. It’s just a matter of a few minutes.

As an affiliate with multiple websites, you are in for great luck with ShareASale. The network makes it very simple to apply to different programs. There’s no need to sign up multiple times for every merchant program that you apply to.

ShareASale has you covered with practically everything, including tech, weddings, gifts, automotive, fitness, apparel, and productivity. In fact, they have more than 40 different categories that are filled with more than 4800 different merchants.

ShareASale offers fantastic search options. You can filter your searches based on keywords, sale commission, category merchant EPC, etc.

The affiliate network is top-notch as far as customer support is concerned for both merchants and affiliates.

ShareASale allows you to customize your affiliate links. You can create shortened URLs that are much attractive for users.

ShareASale runs a reliable payment system. They pay on the 20th of each month. The affiliate earnings are paid directly to your bank account. Else you can receive a check or get paid through Payoneer.

Last but not least, ShareASale offers a variety of reporting features. You can even create customized reports.

Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer, Wire Deposit
Payment threshold: $50

CPS Affiliate Networks

5. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate network promoted and managed by Amazon.

In fact, Amazon Associates has earned the reputation of being one of the top-most PPS Affiliate Network globally.

It has one of the most extensive ranges of products. You can earn as much as 10% advertising fees. Moreover, Amazon Associates is easy and free to join.

It is considered the industry entry point for many affiliates.

It is easy to use, high commission offering, a reliable platform, and broad product offerings make it a preferred CPS Affiliate Network for many advertisers and publishers.

Amazon Associates provides a great opportunity to affiliates mainly due to their amazing variety of products for sale.

The affiliates can choose between a million products that are currently up for sale on the site.

No affiliate network can beat the variety of products at Amazon.

Amazon Associates’ control panel is straightforward to use, allowing you to promote affiliate products and keep track of earnings easily.

And it’s free to sign up. It hardly takes a few minutes to start as an Amazon Associate.

You can choose how ads are displayed, whether it’s contextual links, banner ads, or even interactive widgets.

As an Amazon Associates, you have better chances of conversion. In fact, Amazon is one of the most trusted online stores.

So, you stand a handsome chance of making a sale at Amazon. Moreover, many of your readers would already possess Amazon Accounts making the sale quickly upon reaching the product page.

Most importantly, you can be sure that your earnings will be paid.

You can request payment (Check or Amazon gift card) as soon as your commission goes over $10.
(The payout threshold for receiving payment by check is $100)

As an affiliate, you can look up to higher conversions with Amazon Associates.

Payment method: Check, Amazon gift card
Payment threshold: $100

CPS Affiliate Networks

6. Awin

Awin, which was earlier known as Affiliate Window, is a leading and well-known CPS Affiliate Network. In fact, Awin has been the Affiliate Marketing Awards 2012 for the Best CPS Network.

It’s a highly successful Affiliate Network that stands on the foundation of advanced technology, innovation, ethical business practices, and reliable services.

It has provided a profitable digital marketing channel to advertisers and publishers, which thrive on delivering excellent performance.

Its widely acclaimed network goes onto assists the performance of advertisers and publishers. Awin already has a wide base of advertisers across multiple sectors.

It empowers the advertisers and publishers so that they can grow their business online. It leverages its powerful technology and expert account management, helping advertisers & agencies connect with audiences worldwide.

Its publishers are successful in creating profitable partnerships with the best brands around the world.

This global affiliate network has a strong base of 13000+ advertisers and 100,000+ active publishers. It offers powerful technology, easy-to-use tools, and consistent support, helping advertisers and publishers to expand their business globally.

Awin is surely one of the best you can have as a CPS Affiliate Network.

Payment method: ACH, Check, Wire Transfer
Payment threshold: $20

Awin Cost Per Sale Affiliate Network

7. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler is a leader in Performance Marketing or, better still, in CPS Affiliate Marketing.

Its innovative technology, powerful conversion optimization tools, intensive customer targeting, and superb support system drive new revenue opportunities for you.

Moreover, it already has a large base of Advertisers, Publishers, and Agencies taking advantage of its powerful and global Affiliate Network.

Its powerful, unique, and innovative platform perfectly manages all aspects and activities of Affiliate Marketing.

Tradedoubler has specialized as a tailored performance solution that is based on your needs. It brings on board over 19 years of digital marketing innovation and expertise.

Tradedoubler has successfully created a global presence. It’s become a market-leading technology platform with a deep understanding of customers’ needs. It offers tailored performance solutions that are based on your exact needs.

Its world-class performance marketing solutions have empowered numerous advertisers and publishers to grow their businesses.

You can leverage the Tradedoubler advantage with its world-class technology and expertise making your focus on digital marketing for the best ROI.

It has built a unique network of connections with over 2000 global brands and over 180,000 active publishers. They work with over 2,000 leading brands in more than 83 countries.

They have nine offices in as many as nine European countries and have even opened up an office in Singapore. They have successfully expanded their business and have capitalized on the growing e-commerce market.

Some of its clients include Philips, Puma, HP, Avis, ING, Groupon, and many others.

Tradedoubler is all about growing your business.

Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS
Payment Method: Bank Transfer
Payment threshold: £30

Tradedoubler Affiliate Marketing

8. LinkConnector

LinkConnector is another Affiliate Marketing Giant.

Using its exclusive and innovative technologies, advertisers and publishers can take advantage of CPS Affiliate Marketing to increase their online sales and profit margins.

It provides extraordinary customer support together with reliable and secured services so that you can profit from your Affiliate Marketing effort.

LinkConnector offers a wonderful opportunity for affiliates to build long-term relationships with globally recognized brands. It leverages upon its Affiliate Relations Team to provide in-depth support and representation. Affiliates stand to maximize performance with its exclusive LC technologies.

Apart from this, merchants also stand to benefit by joining this industry-leading Affiliate Marketing Network. Merchants can join hands with high-quality and proven teams. They have access to ground-breaking technologies and go on to receive top-notch customer support.

LinkConnector is all about growing your online business.

The affiliate network has seen monumental growth and improvement over the last ten years.

It has made breakthroughs and is all set for sustained and long-term success.

They have leveraged upon new technology and have delivered results to make both merchants and affiliates happy.

As of now, LinkConnector is ranked among the top 10 affiliate networks in the world. It is mainly because of their wide range of trusted brands together with their unique technology.

LinkConnector is surely a step above the rest. You would be interested to know why LinkConnector stands out among other affiliate networks.

So, here are some of its outstanding features for you:

LinkConnector has built up a dedicated affiliate management team that’s working all day, every day. If we talk about their average reaction time, it’s merely within hours instead of weeks.

They are there to help you grow your affiliate promotions. They help you to get private coupon codes for your affiliate websites. They also help by automatically applying you to campaigns that match your needs.

LinkConnector leverages its exclusive Naked Link Technology. The technology is only available with LinkConnector. Affiliates stand to benefit through better SEO results and higher payouts.

Link Connector’s merchant list has some of the big names across scores of different categories.

It offers customized reporting tailored to your needs. Affiliates get to see performance data that is based on variables such as location, browser, device type, and more.

And that’s just some of the winning points about LinkConnector. In fact, LinkConnector is one of the best Pay Per Sale Affiliate Networks that you can trust to grow your online business.

Payment Method: PayPal, Check
Payment threshold: $100

LinkConnector Pay Per Sale Network

9. AvantLink

AvantLink is known for delivering high-performance CPS Affiliate Marketing.

With its industry-leading technology, AvantLink has won many advertisers and affiliates. Moreover, AvantLink boasts of quality merchants and savvy affiliates.

AvantLink brings on board innovative affiliate marketing technologies and ethical business practices, which provide you ample opportunities for growing your online business.

It provides an advanced reporting system so that you can effectively monitor your status with regard to your affiliate marketing efforts.

You get to have industry-leading support, together with a powerful and secure platform. Affiliates get to have lots of standard campaigns, whereas merchants get access to high-value affiliates.

AvantLink is all about innovative affiliate marketing technology solutions. With AvantLink, you go on to “redefine” expectations and “re-imagine” success.

They only work with quality merchants and affiliates that are serious about affiliate marketing. Its platform leverages next-generation technology.

Advanced API calls, high converting tools, and real-time reporting put this platform above the competition. And it offers fast & customized support that helps you succeed.

Its unrivaled support will help you surpass any bottlenecks you may face in your affiliate marketing journey.

Whether it’s quality, flexibility, tracking, data, APIs, transparency, technology, merchants, partnerships, affiliates, and support, AvantLink is one step ahead of its competitors.

It has a wide range of categories and an incredibly robust set of features and tools. You get access to banner ads, text ads, video ads, HTML ads, and even Flash-based ads.

AvantLink is one of the most beginner-friendly networks in the industry right now. It is the best place to start your journey as a budding affiliate marketer.

Moreover, becoming an AvantLink affiliate is pretty easy and straightforward.

Payment Method: PayPal, Direct Deposit
Payment threshold: $50

AvantLink Affiliate Marketing Network

10. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is the Affiliate Network of eBay, a popular auction and online shopping site.

It is a prominent player as far as CPS Affiliate Networks is concerned. The Affiliate Network is known for unmatched results and high-touch services.

With eBay Partner Network, you can have access to cross-channel Ad serving, Advanced Product Feeds, Advertiser and Publisher APIs, Store Builder, enabling you to have better results for your CPS Affiliate Marketing efforts.

It’s a fantastic platform for selling your company’s products. The real advantage with the eBay platform is that it generates an incredible amount of traffic, thus increasing your chances of sales. The number of people watching your products is “enormously” high.

You simply have to link an item or share your finds through Facebook, Twitter, blog, or your website. You get to earn money when the items you share sell.

In fact, there are 1.1 billion listings on eBay. So, you get plenty to share with your followers.

Moreover, it’s easy to drive traffic to eBay listings from your website using the turnkey tools. Your website visitors or social followers will click the listing, go on to make a purchase, and you’ll get paid.

You’ll get paid when they sell. The purchases are tracked, and you’ll get paid every month. Moreover, eBay assists you in selling the products.

You can use this platform to increase your sales drastically. You will be impressed with the simplicity of setting the whole thing up. It’s easy to maintain, and the credit should go to the staff at eBay. Another good thing is that the backend is quite simple to navigate.

Payment Method: Check / ACH (Direct Deposit)
Payment threshold: $25

eBay Partner Network

11. oneNetworkDirect

oneNetworkDirect is a powerful and popular CPS Affiliate Marketing Network. As an affiliate, you can take advantage of its wide portfolio of the online digital catalog.

It has earned the reputation of being the World’s Largest Digital Marketplace. oneNetworkDirect has access to many big brands and products.

You can sell software from leading software developers. So, you can promote those products by using their coupon code. With oneNetworkDirect, you can harness the power of affiliate marketing to grow your online sales and revenue.

Its advanced and innovative network is focused on connecting affiliates and merchants so that the relationship is mutually profitable.

Its unique approach and powerful affiliate management are its core strengths, making oneNetworkDirect a key CPS Affiliate Network.

OneNetworkDirect has a wide product range that will surely help monetize your blog or website. In fact, the affiliate marketing network has more than 400,000 products. A lot of its products are from some of the world’s well-known companies.

Their product range comprises software, games, consumer electronics, and education products. These products are well in demand, so you don’t have to worry about attracting visitors to click on your links.

The affiliate marketing network is studded with all of the essential features, search options, and a host of reporting options. You get accurate data fast and quickly.

OneNetworkDirect is a solid choice for you as an affiliate marketer. One of its core strengths is the quality of merchants.

As an affiliate partner, you get to promote products from companies such as Trend Micro, VMware, Avast, Bitdefender, D-Link, and many, many more. These are some of the biggest brands in the software & consumer electronics industry.

Another “Big” highlight of OneNetworkDirect is that it has one of the highest commission rates among the affiliate marketing networks. As an affiliate, you can earn up to a whopping 60% commission.

The affiliate marketing network offers various reporting options helping you to keep track of almost every aspect of your campaigns easily.

It has quite several search options so that you can easily find what you are looking for. You can search by product name, product information, or even by category, as well as an advertiser.

Plus, signing to the OneNetworkDirect affiliate is quite easy and straightforward.

Commission Type: CPS
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Frequency: Net-60 / Net-30
Payment Method: Check / Wire / ACH

OneNetworkDirect Affiliate Network

12. Avangate

Avangate is another reliable, impressive, and powerful CPS Affiliate Network. Avangate has excelled in software product sales.

So, if you are looking to accelerate your software sales on a worldwide scale, Avangate offers an excellent platform to increase your revenues through (Cost Per Sale) Affiliate Marketing.

Avangate has developed into a leading e-commerce solution and provides a comprehensive set of tools so that you can successfully sell software and online services.

It enables you to optimize your commerce operations. It fosters automotive billing and allows you to accept global payments and much more.

Moreover, Avangate provides unified affiliate management. With Avangate, you can look up to global payments and distribution, subscription billing, and integrated e-commerce.

In fact, Avangate is being used by more than 4000 SaaS and software companies worldwide. It has a global infrastructure and footprint.

Avangate has evolved as a leading all-in-one monetization platform helping out global businesses grows digital commerce revenue streams. It’s one of the best eCommerce platforms to maximize your sales of software, SaaS, and digital solutions.

It is a trusted and industry leader in and as an affiliate marketing network. Affiliates in this network increase sales by 25% on average.

You can quickly set up and manage all aspects of your affiliate program. With Avangate, you can create a fast flow of traffic to your products.

Payment Method: Wire transfer, PayPal, Cheque
Payment threshold: $100

Avangate Software Affiliate Network

13. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is a well-known CPS Affiliate Network that offers various enhanced and customized solutions to meet user’s (affiliates) requirements.

It has focused its efforts on developing network capabilities to offer the latest and the most advanced technology to advertisers and publishers.

It provides a wide range of affiliate programs and constantly endeavors to increase it further. As an advertiser or publisher, you can look up to tools, technology, and delivery systems that provide you with a unique and profitable affiliate marketing experience.

At FlexOffers, you get massive creative inventory, prompt payouts, competitive commissions, comprehensive tools, and get access to reliable and secure technology to run and manage your CPS Affiliate Marketing efforts.

FlexOffers is a solid, dependable, and fully functioning affiliate network for publishers and advertisers alike. It’s highly suitable for budding affiliates.

Getting started with FlexOffers is very easy. You (publishers) simply have to fill out a short online application. Advertisers, too, need to fill out one quick application and make initial payments to get started.

They have an easy registration process which has allowed them to gain more advertisers. In fact, there are over 5000 advertisers registered with FlexOffers.

Publishers get high-quality advertisers to work with here. Moreover, FlexOffers is completely free for publishers.

It is a standard practice followed by top affiliate networks. However, advertisers need to pay $500 upfront plus a $100 deposit (Basic Package).

FlexOffers also runs a referral program for publishers. There’s no cap for referrals, and the payout increases with each one.

FlexOffers has powerful tracking capability. The platform offers accurate link tracking with important stats.

It tracks clicks, earnings per click, transactions, conversion rates as well as commissions. It also offers detailed reports filtered by category, product, campaign, and advertiser.

There’s even a real-time tracking component allowing checking of clicks, impressions, and conversions. FlexOffers has an extremely user-friendly dashboard.

Moreover, FlexOffers makes the whole affiliate marketing process easy from beginning to end.

FlexOffers pays publishers on a Net30 basis. Plus, FlexOffers uses Net7 Basis for those publishers who have made at least $5,000 in revenue for two consecutive months.

And their support is top-notch. Customer service representatives can be contacted through email, phone, or contact form.

Commission Type: CPA, CPS
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: Weekly / Monthly
Payment Method: Check / Bank Wire / ACH (Direct Deposit)

FlexOffers Pay Per Sale Marketing

14. Webgains

Webgains is a top-performing affiliate marketing network that offers you the best results, accelerating your sales and connecting you with customers fast.

It was started in 2004 in England.

Webgains gives you the much-needed “Edge” in the world of affiliate marketing. It has maintained an unbeatable track record and has empowered its advertisers and publishing partners, helping them reach their peak performance and achieve the best results.

It has a deep understanding of your key markets, which helps to skyrocket your sales.

Affiliate marketing is a crowded marketplace, and only the boldest survive. Webgains helps you to make bold moves with absolute confidence so that you can be a winner.

It leverages its cutting-edge technology, performance marketing experience, and world-class expertise to boost sales.

They generate sales across the globe (230 Countries).

They have a strong base of 1800 advertisers and 250,000 publishers, which is growing day by day.

It works with the vision to deliver “results” for its advertisers and publishing partners.

If you are looking to expand your market and attract new customers, Webgains is for you. By joining Webgains, your products gain instant exposure to thousands of potential affiliates who are a part of this network.

There are high-quality affiliates registered on it, so the a minimum chance of fraud. There’s an opportunity for high-quality advertising from affiliates. There is accurate tracking of sales and many other benefits with Webgains.

It’s a platform full of opportunities for its customers.

Webgains is one of the best in the market.

Payment Method: Wire transfer, PayPal, Cheque
Payment threshold: $25

Webgains CPS Affiliate Network

15. Pepperjam Network

Pepperjam Network is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.

The prime highlight of this Cost Per Sale Affiliate Network is its focus on publisher distribution, technology development, and strategic planning, leading to better pay-for-performance results.

It makes sure that the advertisers and publishers reach the end consumer wherever they are, whether online, offline, mobile, and social, offering the products and content they want.

The Pepperjam Network is ever-expanding its global footprint with its offices in U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

The Pepperjam Network makes the next generation affiliate marketing success a reality for you.

It aims at improving sales and not just traffic.

Pepperjam employs innovative methods for increasing sales.

For them, the affiliate marketing process ends up with the actual purchase of goods or services.

They offer creative services helping publishers to monetize their sites. Pepperjam has developed a secure way for merchants who want to get their products sold.

They design attractive ads and position them where they can be seen and acted upon.

It pays commissions, not on clicks but results.

They protect the merchants’ interest by paying for confirmed and finalized sales.

Pepperjam offers detailed reports and analysis with real-time results for all the campaigns running. They also offer personal service and support to new clients.

All in all, Pepperjam provides great results.

Payment Method: PayPal
Payment threshold: $25

Pepperjam Network

16. Partnerize

Partnerize is a leading affiliate network and tracking platform. It offers excellent affiliate programs, thereby helping you to drive your growth.

The platform works to drive conversions that grow your revenue. It was founded in 2010 as a global partnership management solutions company.

It deals in process automation and offers enhanced tools for optimization. Moreover, the platform is consistently delivering AI-powered insights for better results & outstanding brand protection.

Partnerize has adopted a pay-for-performance model, which brings excellent ROI opportunities for you. It offers you tools and technology that optimize performance and automate workflows.

With Partnerize, you get a complete suite of brand safety. It brings in compliance capabilities, thereby reducing fraud, protecting your brand, as well as maximizing return on media investment.

Partnerize provides the opportunity to leverage advanced real-time tech & data to earn more. It’s not all as you can connect with the world’s leading global brands. You also have the opportunity of getting your share of $7B+ in sales & $600M+ in commissions every year.

Here, you can easily find & apply to top advertisers’ programs. As an affiliate partner, you get paid anywhere, faster. It has the global reach to make payments across 215 countries and territories in 60 supported currencies. The payments are usually received within 24 hours of authorization.

The Partnerize platform comes with flexible reporting so that you can easily get more data and insights. Moreover, with Partnerize, you are in for profitable growth.

For example, Partnerize AllTrack offers several ways for capturing mobile conversions. You quickly get credit for every conversion, whether on PC, mobile web, and mobile app.

You can use their mobile web interface for checking clicks, conversions, and revenue on the go. All in all, with Partnerize, you can maximize your business growth and diversify revenue streams easily and quickly.

Partnerize CPS Affiliate Network

17. Impact

Impact (earlier Impact Radius) Impact Radius has been designed with the philosophy of “one platform and multiple solutions” and takes performance marketing to new heights with innovative solutions, secured and trusted technology.

In fact, Impact Radius is one of the most reputed Pay Per Sale Affiliate Network.

The affiliate marketing game takes a whole new dimension with Impact as it offers best-in-class products for marketing intelligence, ad fraud detection, and performance partnership marketing. They have put everything you need for success in online marketing.

With Impact, you can confidently make the decisions that propel growth. It offers tools that deliver exceptional power and functionality.

For example, it eliminates ad fraud and ineffective marketing spends. It streamlines the process of tracking, commissioning, paying, and evaluating performance across channels and devices.

All in all, Impact can maximize every marketing dollar.

Impact Cost Per Sale Affiliate Network

18. TradeTracker

TradeTracker is one of those Pay Per Sale Affiliate Networks that operate with the sole objective of optimizing your online revenue.

Be it advertiser or publisher, TradeTracker helps both of them to achieve maximum online income and results. TradeTracker comes with a service-oriented approach.

With its proprietary software, it’s able to offer you the best of the best. In fact, there are so many advertisers and publishers who love to work with them. It has more than 5000 merchants and over 250,000 publishers.

TradeTracker can rightly be called a “Performance Powerhouse.”Most importantly for you, TradeTracker delivers results.

You experience the power of performance with TradeTracker. With a single login, you can access all the markets where you look to unleash the power of performance.

It has the most transparent and innovative software in the performance marketing industry. With TradeTracker, you get all the information and tools for optimizing your online revenue streams.

It’s committed to technological innovation, transparency, responsibility, and flexible services. Advertisers can have unrivaled solutions for optimizing their performance marketing campaigns.

Well, publishers with TradeTracker can look to monetize their site traffic as well as publisher activities. TradeTracker runs the most affiliate campaigns worldwide. You get to partner with recognized brands from different industries.

Plus, account managers at TradeTracker provide the best possible advice and specialized answers to any challenge that you may face. All in all, TradeTracker unlocks the door to maximum performance for you.

TradeTracker Affiliate Network

19. CleverBridge

CleverBridge is another compelling and advanced e-commerce platform providing you with a competent and rewarding CPS Affiliate Network. It has gained expertise in providing customized e-business solutions. It offers a wide portfolio of software and SaaS.

CleverBridge is known for its eCommerce and Subscription expertise. It maximizes online revenue through affiliate management, email marketing, fraud prevention, customer support, and more.

So, CleverBridge is one of the best monetization platforms for businesses of various sizes. Its innovative solutions allow you to take care of the most complex business operations.

CleverBridge was started in 2005 as an eCommerce Company. As of now, CleverBridge offers numerous business solutions.

It leverages its technological innovations to handle complex business operations. cleverbridge comes with subscription management features.

With CleverBridge, you understand your customers better and improve your relations with them. Many B2C and B2B companies depend on CleverBridge technology to convert more customers and scale globally.

CleverBridge powerful eCommerce solutions can grow your online revenue. With this digital marketing provider, you can look up to continued support and dedication to your business.

CleverBridge exceeds your expectations and helps you to grow and serve your customers. It helps to build long-term customer relationships and grow recurring revenue.

Its reporting tools allow you to strategize for the future.

CleverBridge Affiliate Marketing Network

20. AffiliateFuture

AffiliateFuture is another well-recognized performance marketing specialist.

It has successfully established itself in the affiliate marketing industry and has mastered providing enhanced sales solutions and marketing services to publishers, advertisers, and agencies.

AffiliateFuture is one of those affiliate networks that offer effective solutions for growing your business and expanding the reach of your brand.

It’s an affiliate marketing platform allowing you to expand the boundaries of your business and reach consumers globally.

There are currently more than 300,000 publishers that are registered at AffiliateFuture Network. It’s one of the best places to profit from affiliate marketing.

Advertisers, too, have an amazing opportunity for creating an advertising program that can encourage publishers to participate and support in growing your business.

AffiliateFuture is an affiliate network that connects advertisers and publishers to grow sales and increase ROI. It offers platforms for advertisers, publishers, and agencies.

Publishers can be a part of this network for free. Publishers can be blog owners, website Admins, YouTube stars, or even people popular on social media.

Publishers can choose products they like. The network also supports the agency’s signup. Advertisers are concerned that they can become a part of this affiliate network via an online form.

Payment Method: Wire transfer
Payment threshold: £100

AffiliateFuture CPS Affiliate Network

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