HilltopAds Review: Ad Network for Advertisers and Publishers

With lots of Ad Networks around, it might get pretty tough to choose a perfect one.

After all, you require an Ad Network that delivers “results.”

For advertisers, it’s the ROI that matters, and for publishers, it’s how effectively they can monetize their websites.

So, here’s an ad network for you that actually deliver results (within no time whatsoever).

We have done a review about HilltopAds to show you the benefits you can derive by using this popular and powerful Ad Network.

HilltopAds Review

HilltopAds Overview

Hilltop Ads is a global advertising network specializes in online business growth for advertisers, webmasters, and agencies.

HilltopAds provides its own ad server solution for traffic monetization and advanced Self-Service platform for Advertisers fast ad campaign launch. Profitable payment models are matched with your ad campaign goals for maximum success: CPM, CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC and PPI.

With fast approval, publishers can monetize both desktop and mobile traffic with this ad network.

It offers ad formats for mobile and desktop such as Pop-up, Pop-under, Display Banner, In-Video Ads and Direct links.

HilltopAds is amazing for webmaster beginners as this network accepts almost any type ad volume of the website so you can start making money right away. Of course, there are several rules that need to be followed that are listed in their Terms and Conditions.

You can monetize almost every website like micro sites, gaming sites, entertainment sites, news sites, blogs, and much more.

Its popular verticals include Gaming, Video Streaming, Dating, SweapStakes, Downloads, Pin Submits, File Hosting, and Entertainment.

HilltopAds for Publishers

Hilltop Ads has a low minimum payout threshold of only $50, and its payment frequency is Net7 which is really good for frequent earing withdrawals.

Payments are made via following systems: PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Bitcoin, ePayService, and Webmoney.

Hilltop Ads Payment Proof

For publishers who are looking to monetize their mobile traffic available a unique anti-ad blocking solution that works specifically for mobile carrier traffic. So no impression goes to waste!
Publishers get access to the following ad formats:

  • Desktop Pop-under
  • Mobile Pop-under
  • Display Banners in various sizes
  • In player ads
  • Instant message
  • Direct links

The eCPM rates are highly competitive and considered one of the highest among top ad networks.

HilltopAds best feature for publishers is an Ad network rotation of eCPMs in real-time which helps boost best converting ads with highest payouts to the top and displays them on your website for higher CTR.

To get that extra revenue, you can definitely take advantage of HilltopAds Referral Program providing 5% of referred partners – Publishers and Advertisers.

HilltopAds for Advertisers

HilltopAds network strives to reach best premium Advertisers with loads of high converting campaigns worldwide.

HilltopAds offers very competitive features for Advertisers to maximize their ROI:

  • Self-serve platform for Advertisers
  • Real-time bidding system
  • 0% financial transaction fee
  • Anti-ad blocking solution
  • eCPM real-time optimization
  • High-Quality Traffic from direct Publishers
  • Retargeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Assistance from Real Managers for setting up campaigns
  • Integration with mobile tracking systems

HilltopAds is known for taking a personal approach with each of their partners. Custom solutions are always a priority for valued partners who are loyal to them.

HilltopAds Review - HilltopAds Ad Format

Here, we list the top benefits of partnering with HilltopAds Network:

Instant Money

HilltopAds provide a perfect platform for website owners for making quick money, especially those who are looking to cover their operational costs. Partnering with HilltopAds opens the door for making large ad revenues.

Easy Startup

Hilltop Ads make it easy to manage ad campaigns or to perform ad serving tasks. Using the network is as simple as adding a little snippet of code to your site. You get to choose ad dimensions which fit your ad space and paste the code that is generated automatically for you.

The whole process just takes a couple of minutes. So, you get time for enhancing your page with more content or do SEO tasks.

More advertisers

HilltopAds provides high-quality and well-targeted ads from a vast array of top advertisers from all around the globe. So, partnering with the ad network makes it easy for you to attract visitors to your site.

You get a big mix of advertisers and advertisements on your site which means more clicks and views, translating to more money for you.

No selling skills required

The one thing we like about the network is that it needs no prior selling skills for generating revenue.

At Hilltop Ads you can always negotiate your rates in order to get the most our of your ad campaign.

Affordable, efficient and convenient

HilltopAds affordability, efficiency, and convenience can be matched with the leading advertising networks in the world.


So, you see that HilltopAds is one of those advertising networks that delivers “results.” It opens doors for generating revenue for advertisers as well as publishers. Its cutting-edge advertising platform is suitable for both web and mobile traffic monetization.

HilltopAds provide popular and profitable payment models. It offers multiple ad formats. With dedicated support, timely payment, numerous payment options, HilltopAds has become one of the leading and most trusted Ad Networks in the world.

We hope that this HilltopAds Review proves useful to you. Don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions with us.

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