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Although Google Adsense is perhaps the best PPC Advertisement Program that you can choose for monetizing your website, but for one reason or the other you never end up making big revenues from your Google AdSense Account.

In the first place, you are either declined by Google AdSense or it may happen that Google may have terminated your account, or it may result that you are not able to make full use of your Google AdSense Account.

In either of these circumstances, you are invariably in the search for a better alternative to Google AdSense so that you can handsomely monetize your website through a best PPC Advertisement Programs (on the lines of Google AdSense).

Well, it’s not denying the fact that PPC Ad Network is one of the best options for making money online through your blog.

The obvious reason being that PPC Ad Network serves Ads which are related to the content published on your blog and so you get high CTR when compared to Direct Ads.

However, the question remains that what best choice you have if you’re Google AdSense Advertisement Program is not giving you the desired results or you are failing to get Google AdSense Account.

Well, there is no need to worry as I showcase to you one of the top alternatives to Google AdSense, and that is

In fact, has emerged as one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense PPC Advertisement Program. is now considered as a major competitor to Google AdSense and many bloggers have already marked it as the best alternative for Google AdSense.

Here, I provide an in-depth overview of Media.Net so that you can also benefit from this immensely popular PPC Ad Network and make it as a major earning resource for your website. There are many good things about Media.Net that I will shortly illustrate to you.

What is Media.Net?

Media.Net is a PPC Advertisement Program from Yahoo and Bing for publishers and advertisers. It is popularly known as Yahoo Bing as Yahoo and Bing are running Media.Net in collaboration with each other.

Just like Google Adsense, Media.Net is a contextual advertisement company.

This means that when you run Media.Net Advertisement Program on your website, the Ads which are displayed on your website are influenced by the actual content on your web page. So, when you run PPC Advertisement Program, your visitors get to see relevant advertisements when they visit your website.

The Advertisement Model of Media.Net is based on PPC (Pay per Click) which means that Media.Net pays you for each click. The rate is determined by the bidding of the advertisers so when there is a competitive niche, you can invariably expect high earnings per click.

Media.Net enables web publishers to make advertising revenue by showcasing their ads on blogs or websites. Announced on September 27, 2012, has quickly become a preferred advertising solution for bloggers and website owners. Moreover, Media.Net provides dedicated Account Manager for quickly starting and setting up your personalized dashboard. It is equally suitable for small scale as well as big scale websites.

Presently, you can have Publisher Account at Media.Net by request only. You can visit their website and place your request to review your website and can give a request mail for starting your Publisher Account.

Reviewing Media.Net

Contextual Ad Network – As illustrated earlier, Media.Net is a Contextual Ad Network, which serves Ads relevant to your website. So, if you’re Blog Article in on Computers, then Media.Net will be serving advertisements related to computers or its accessories. This facilitates high CTR and paves the way for high earnings.

Types of Ads – With Media.Net you get the same Ad options in sizes as you get in AdSense. Apart from website Ads, it also provides Mobile Ads with the same network. The Ads come in several Theme options and can be easily customized so as to have a different look when compared to conventional advertisements.

Ad Keywords Relate to the Content on Your Website – The Ad keywords are precisely targeted and enhance the user experience.

Dash Board – It provides dedicated Account Manager for all Account Holders which is a handy feature for optimizing your earnings.

Technical Support – Media.Net provides incomparable Technical Support for Account holders. You get prompt and comprehensive reply, suggestions and support. For example, you can get suggestions for improving CTR and much more.

Good Earning Platform – As Yahoo and Bing Networks are associated with Media.Net, you are destined to get a big inventory of Ads and a big list of Advertisers. You get good Ads bids which help you in earning more.

Easy Payout – Payout is easy and is through PayPal and Wire Transfer Payment options.

Unlimited Websites – Once your website is approved; with the same account manager, Media.Net can serve Ads to all of your

As far its minus points are concerned, the only down thing you get to notice in Media.Net is that your website may load slightly slowly once the ads are implemented. But if that split second of downtime doesn’t bother you, then going with Media.Net can be a good thing for you.

Concluding Remarks

Media.Net has become a trusted name in PPC Advertisement Industry and is being regarded as a Leading Ad Publisher Network. Moreover, it is being recognized as one of the highest paying Publisher Ad Network. If you take my opinion, I would definitely put Media.Net as the best alternative for Google AdSense. Media.Net provides the dedicated service, good CPC, and CPM ads, as well as Targeted Ads Inventories.


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