What is Pop-Under Ads?

Pop-Ups or Pop-up ads are popular means of online advertising.

They are particularly used to attract web traffic and are many times used for capturing email addresses as well.

Pop-ups generally display advertisements in new browser windows superimposed on the main browser window.

They employ JavaScript with cross-site scripting for generating advertisements in a new browser window. They can also be generated using Adobe Flash and through other vulnerabilities and security holes in browser security.

Like Pop-up Ads, you also get a variation of pop-up ads in the form of Pop-Under Ads.

Pop-Under Ads are gaining widespread popularity in online advertising.

Unlike Pop-Up Ads, Pop-Under Ads open in a new browser window which is hidden under the active window. So they do not interrupt the user and are not viewable until the covering window is closed.

The ad window is hidden behind the main browser window and do not disrupt the user who is viewing the site content. Pop-under Ads only get noticed once the main browser window is either minimized or closed.

As far as impact is concerned, research has indicated that pop-under ads are more powerful than pop-up ads.

The reasons are pretty obvious.

Firstly pop-under does not disrupt the user whose attention is on viewing the main browser window or tab. They do not disrupt users’ ability to continue reading the site which they have opened. Once the main browser window is closed, the user’s attention is free for the advertisement. They can then view the intended ad in their own time and are inclined to read the pop-under ad.

Secondly, the delayed impression of pop-under ads makes the user focus on the advertisement which is not seen as a disturbance.
The user does not ignore the advertisement displayed in pop-under ads and gave a better response to such advertisements.

On the other side, Pop-Ups Ads are obtrusive form of advertisement as they cover the main browser window that the user is reading. User’s generally consider Pop-Up Ads annoying and further go on to close the Pop-up Ad page without even reading them. They are generally considered unrelated and annoying and users ignore the ad content contained in pop-up ads.

Pop-under Ads

Pop-under Ads Format

Generally, there are three types of Pop-under Ad Formats.

These are Landing Page Pop-under, Graphic Image Pop-under and Graphic Redirect Pop-Under. In Landing Page Pop-under, the website or landing page is displayed in a full page browser window. While in Graphic Image Pop-under image based ads appear in the pop-under window. The ad contains a JPG or GIF image and click through URL. In Graphic Redirect, Pop-Under goes on to showcase a wide variety of ad formats in Pop-up Window.

All-in-all, Pop-under Ads have become widely popular form of online advertising. Due to their delayed impression they have garnered widespread attention from users who view and respond to an advertisement in Pop-under Ads once the main browser window is either closed or minimized. You can actively use Pop-under Ads to attract web traffic and for capturing email addresses, as well.

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