How I Recovered From Google Manual Spam Penalty

Oh, my God, not again another Google penalty. Why does this happen to me? Once Google AdSense account got ban, some animal updates affected my blogs and now Google’s Manual Penalty. What the hell is this?

Yes, I got Google Manual Spam Penalty email saying they have found unnatural links which manipulates PageRank, and because of this Google has applied a manual spam action to

What are you saying, I know SEO a little bit, and I regularly watch Matt Cutts videos? I know Google doesn’t like selling link with do-follow attribute, then how can they implement manual Spam  penalty on my site. This was my first reaction.

This happens with most of us, and this is very bad feeling for anyone to get a penalty because this will change our website future. All our hard work is now waste; our site’s ranking will start getting down, and soon no visitor will be on our website. This can be death of a website.

From about two year ago lots of my blogs rankings starts getting down due to these Google animal updates. I tried a lot to bring their ranking back, but failed. From that time, I started to think why our business model is so weak. We are deepened on one traffic source The Google, who can vanish our future, our earning any time just because we are depended upon it.

Today our website is getting good traffic from Google, and we are making some good money. No one knows when Google will change their algorithms, and our site’s traffic can lose in a day, and yes our earning too. So you can never guess what will be your site’s future if you are depended on one traffic source. Today you have developed a site according to Google’s current algorithms, but who knows Google may change their algorithms in the future, and your site gets penalized, because it is not good as per current algorithms.

Back to the point, now what should I do. Few months back I had written an article “Google Should Remove BackLink Algorithm”. Reason of writing that article was that because of the backlink webmaster focus more on link building, every website owner fears with Google penalty, building link is costly, and website owners focus more on SEO than writing quality content.

I also mentioned in that article that because of Google link penalty webmaster will stop giving do-follow links even they really want to give link.

After writing on this topic, and knowing about link selling I got link penalty. What can be the worse than this?

Why did I get Link Penalty?

I thought why I got this link penalty, when I have not sold any link or written any paid review. There can be two reasons, one because of guest posts, and second resource links.

I had accepted some guest post in the past, and they may have bought links from someone else, and because of that Google thinks I have sold links.

I also give lots of links to useful resources like I write on best CPA networks, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Ad Spy tools etc. From those links some of them may buys links and Google thinks I have also sold the link on my blog.

These were the only reason I thought may have created the problem.

How I recovered from Google Manual Spam Penalty?

As I discovered the problem, I had a solution. That was to no-follow all outgoing links. As I don’t know the exact reason which is causing the problem, guest posts or natural links? So I decided to no-follow all outgoing links.

No-following,all outgoing links,is not very good choice, because it can also hurt my site ranking, but I have no other choice. No-following,all outgoing links,will also hurt those site which are getting link from my site, and if I do not no-follow those link still they can hurt, because they are not getting link from a good site.

So finally I decided to no-follow all outgoing links as I have nothing to lose.

No-follow all links can be a tedious job; I tried to do it manually, but it was taking too much time. To do this job faster, I searched for some WordPress outgoing link management plugins.

I found some, and installed them on my blog; some of the plugins give option to change links one by one or all at once. I checked WP External Links plugin which allows you to no-follow all outside links at once. I implemented this plugin and changed all outbound links to no-follow. This plugin will also no-follow all outbound links for new blog post too.

After no-following all outgoing link, I send Reconsideration request on the same day (No waiting, bad idea).

I written to Google Webmaster Spam team that the Unnatural outbound links you have found on my site can be of guest post, and we give the links to guest post author or they can be natural link. I also mentioned that I know selling link is not allowed on Google. I told them that I have no-followed all outbound links, as I have not sold any link, so I have nothing to lose.

After 15 days I got email from Google Webmaster team that my “Reconsideration request for Manual spam action revoked”. Oh, great this was I wanted.

Google Manual Spam Penalty

I got all my page rank back, and all rankings, but was this time to enjoy or think are we doing right thing.

What About Future?

As I know this can happen to anyone, and my blogs can get penalty. From last 8 months, I am focusing more on affiliate marketing and stopping dependency on Google.

I realized blogging is not very good business model when you depend on traffic source. If your motto is to make money by blogging than at present, this can be the worse idea.

Few years back making money with blogging was easy, but after so many Google updates it’s not so easy. You need lot of money to maintain your blog, write quality content focus more on social, get quality backlinks, and much more.

Now days I am seeing new trend, first people build backlinks by guest posting and many other different ways. They spend their time and money on building link, and if they get penalty manual or algorithmic they start searching for bad links and request webmasters to remove their links.

So what is the use of link building, when you don’t know your website will get traffic from search engine or not. Try to build online business model which can make money even after spending money for traffic.

Slowly-Slowly I am changing my business model and stopping dependency on one traffic or earning sources.

Still lot of bloggers are making thousands of Dollars per month, but they are one in thousands. Blogging is not dead, but need good model to get success.

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