When to Take a Break from Blogging?

Man is not a machine.

This is a profound and popular statement, but the important question is how often do we abide by it and behave as if we are not a machine.

The fact of our life dictates that most of us lead our individual lives behaving exactly in the way machines do. We work day in and day out in the same way as machines do forgetting completely that we are not a machine but a human being.

Now days this phenomenon is common throughout the globe and millions of people from all sorts of professions are suffering from this syndrome.

In this context, bloggers are also not an exception, and they too are suffering from the same syndrome of living their lives as if they are machine and not a human being. They virtually work as if they are merely a robot.

This syndrome becomes a serious problem because contrary to popular beliefs their work-life balance goes for a toss affecting their lives and their quality of work.

They are not able to spend quality time with their family and neither they are able to produce quality work. Moreover, due to continuous working their efficiency takes a severe hit and creativity lowers drastically as they find that new ideas are hard to come by in the midst of chaos of work-alcoholic schedule.

However your natural alarm sounds at the appropriate time when you get the signals of tiredness and mental boredness. The urge of blogging starts diminishing and you start finding that you are getting out of steam.

The net result being that your work starts suffering.

So when this starts happening with you it’s probably the right time to take a break from your regular blogging life.

It’s always a great idea to take a break before you burn out completely.

Moreover, if you want to maintain work-life balance, it is utmost essential that you take a break from blogging before it is too late for you. The crux is that you have to learn to free yourself from being stressed, and the best medicine is nothing else, but taking a break from blogging. Seriously speaking it is not a crime to take a break from your regular schedule of blogging. As a matter of fact, you should not feel sorry for not meeting your daily target of writing 1000 words per day. I would rather go far to say that it is better not to post anything than to posting for the mere sake of posting.

So the golden rule for you as a blogger – DO NOT STRESS YOURSELF AND TAKE A BREAK FROM BLOGGING. Always remember that it is not practically possible to lead a life of a robot. However, you can give it a try to discover that you end up being exhausted and out of steam.

Having dwelled on this matter for long, it is now the appropriate time to know (other than the above factors) what should be the FACTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU TO TAKE A BREAK FROM BLOGGING.

Take a Break from Blogging


  • Get to know for sure that when you’r blogging looks stale it’s the time to take a break from blogging.
  • When churning out content becomes stressful for you and you feel resentment continuing blogging, it’s time to take a break from blogging.
  • When you start getting bored from blogging and find it hard to get new ideas its the time to take a break from blogging.
  • When you want to add a new dimension to your life, you should take a break from blogging.
  • When other projects need your time such as writing an eBook, it’s time to take a break from blogging.
  • When you are on the brink of burnout, you need a break from blogging.
  • If any health issue plagues you or your family then it’s time to take a break from blogging.
  • When you want to spend quality time with your family or loved ones, you desperately need to take a break from your regular schedule of blogging.
  • When you begin to take blogging too seriously and tend to avoid your family responsibilities, it’s time to take a break from blogging.
  • When you need to gear up your social media activity such as comments or posting on various social media networks.

Actually, Blogging not only involves writing down your blog posts and posting them; it also involves various other tasks such as content promotion on the social media networks, replying to comment posted on your blog, return visits, and lots more. If you calculate on a daily basis, all this cumulates down to the extraordinary work on your part taking loads of your time.

In this context, it’s quite natural that you might eventually feel overwhelmed by the volume of work coming your way. So if you want to remain focused and want to deliver quality output to your readers, it is primarily essential for you to take a break from blogging and come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Positives You Get By Taking a Break from Blogging

Taking a break from blogging is beneficial for you in more than one ways.

Let’s see how:

  • You can re-plan and prepare your blogging schedule so as to strike a balance between your work and family life.
  • You get relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and can restart blogging with full energy, and joy armed with new ideas and creative juices.
  • Rekindle your love for blogging which gets faded away due to your over involvement in the Online Rat Race.
  • Remove the stress from your life with which you have been living for so long.
  • Get an opportunity to bond better with some of your blogging friends and also go onto make some very good friends this way.
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency. Research has shown that taking a break from blogging helps you to increase your productivity at work.

How to Manage Your Break from Blogging

Well, as you have seen that taking a break from blogging is important, it is equally important to manage your break smartly.

So, let’s get down and explore ways of managing your break from blogging.

  • Let your readers know that you would be taking a break from blogging well in advance before you finally move and take a break from blogging. And don’t forget to tell them when you would restart blogging. So value your readers and appraise them about your plans well ahead of their actual schedule.
  • Use tools to tweet and bring out your old posts so that your website visitors get an opportunity to read those posts.
  • Schedule updates and new posts ahead of time. This demands extra work from your part when you are about to take a break, but it finally helps you to relax peacefully when you have actually taken a break.
  • You can hand over your blogging guns to your trusted readers while you are away on a break from blogging.
  • Entertain guest posts on your blog while you move to take a break from blogging.
  • Redo and republish your old, amazing and popular posts that your readers enjoyed when they were published for the first time on your blog.

Once you have done all this, you can then safely move away and take a break from blogging.

There is more to life than just being online. Break from blogging provides you the opportunity of enjoying your life to the fullest. Moreover, you get charged up and restart blogging with full energy, and creativity. You go onto deliver your best once you return from your blogging break. And your readers will simply love and enjoy this for sure.

So the climax is finally over, and it has gone on to show us that it is important to take a break from blogging and equally important is to manage your blogging break smartly, so that you ultimately come out as a winner when you return to the Blogosphere after your break from blogging.

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