Why Bloggers Fail?

Blogging is very common these days, and every day plenty of new blogs are launched, but most of them get closed in their first year. What are the reasons why blog fails even in their first year?

Answers can’t be easy because every failed blog can have different reasons. Knowing the exact reason is a little difficult, but there are some common reasons why bloggers fail to run successful blogs.

Blogging is done because of two main reasons first, because of the passion for writing and teaching what you know, and second to make money with a blog.

If someone has started a blog just because of writing passion and after some time they are not able to give time to their blog, they can fail in blogging.

If a blogger has to build a blog just to earn money without proper planning and doesn’t want to give some time, it can fail.

Blogging needs lots of dedication and patience to make a successful blog. If you write good quality content but that content is not reaching people, then your quality content is of no use, or if you are an expert in getting visitors to your blog but not writing quality content, you can fail.

There are plenty of such reasons why a blogger or blog can fail. Today I am focusing on such reasons because which a blog or blogger can fail. If you can understand the problem, you can get the solution, and finding what is going against your blogging can help you make a successful blog.

blog fail

Not Writing on Your Core Niche

One of the primary reasons contributing to the failure of bloggers is when they choose not to write on their core niche.

When such is the case, the content that is delivered usually lacks quality. And when the visitors do not get any unique information, they invariably prefer to shun your blog. They stop reading your blog and move on to some other blog that delivers quality content.

Moreover, when you are not focusing on your core niche, slowly and steadily, the frequency of your new posts starts declining. Visitors do not get any new information on your blog and stop visiting your site.

So what should you do?

Well, you should immediately shift to your core niche.

That way, you can assure your reader’s quality as well as continuity for your blog posts. Thus, if your core niche is technology, you should focus on writing technology blog posts.

It is simple as that.

Blogging Just to Make Money

Monetizing your blog or website is a good option but should never be the only purpose to motivate you to blog. Blogging to make money would not eventually fulfill your ultimate goal of becoming a successful blogger.

Blogging needs discipline with perseverance.

Only continuous, prolonged, and well-directed efforts can make you a successful blogger. Initially, it might happen that blogging pays you no or little returns monetarily for your efforts. You might even think of quitting blogging. But if you continue to blog, then though it would take some time, you will definitely make your mark in the blogging world.

Not Learning New Things

Another very important factor that leads to blogging failure is the fact that as a blogger, you stop increasing your learning curve.
On the contrary, you decide to thrive on your already acquired knowledge.

This way, you would not be at par with the current trends and latest developments.

It may also happen that your knowledge becomes outdated. Then your visitors do not get any valuable new information which might be utterly required by them. Eventually, when this happens more often, they finally decide to stop reading your blog.

So you should always try to learn new things related to your niche. By doing so, you tend to provide your readers with the latest and quality information and become a successful blogger.

Not Learning Basic SEO

Writing unique and quality content is just one aspect of getting success in the blogging world. The other important aspect you need to focus on is basic SEO or Basic Search Engine Optimization.

But not learning Basic SEO would eventually lead to your blogging failure.

Basic SEO involves on-page optimization as well as some aspects of off-page optimization techniques. The title and content should focus on the keywords; the content should be well laid out with the use of small paragraphs or point format. Headings and sub-heading can be kept in bold format.

Proper utilization of Basic SEO techniques can help your blog posts to appear more frequently in the search results, thereby increasing the chances of clicks, which means more traffic and, finally, more sales.

So to become a successful blogger, you need to be aware and follow Basic SEO skills.

Not Promoting Blog Posts

One of the biggest reasons why a blogger fails even after writing quality content is “When he does not promote his article.”

Promoting article involves promoting through Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, submitting your articles to news feeds on popular websites, mailing all your subscribers the recent article added to your blog, promoting through ezines article, submitting your articles on StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Buffer, Digg and many more.

A blog fails on its own if the content written is not reaching the readers. Writing quality content is not enough; promoting it also plays a wide role in becoming a successful blogger.

So, to be a successful blogger with quality content, promote your article so that it can reach your readers.

Running Plenty of Blogs

Sometimes the reason for the failure of the blogger is when a blogger is running plenty of blogs. It’s not that a blogger can’t run plenty of blogs, but “time” is the biggest constraint thinking, searching, writing, publishing, and promoting all the work involves a lot of time.

Bloggers can do all these things for a limited number of blogs. If he starts doing it for many blogs, it will automatically start reflecting in his work like lack of quality content, lack of promotion, frequency in writing articles, and more.

The reason for building so many blogs is money. Why..??

A blogger thinks increasing the number of blogs will lead to an increase in his income. This is not correct, you can earn $300 from five different blogs also, and you can also earn $1500 from a single blog also.

It is always better to focus on one blog rather than on a number of blogs.

You will become a successful blogger if you focus on one blog, write an article, promote it nicely, giving all your time to one blog to improve that particular blog. You will be successful.

Not Focusing on Quality

Many a time, the reason for the failure of many bloggers is poor quality content. Writing without searching, writing from an irrelevant source, and writing just for the sake of writing will end your blog without any reader. Even if the reader comes, it will soon go after finding your content irrelevant.

“Quality of an article cannot be judged” as the person writing the article never find his article boring, of poor quality, and dull.

The only way of writing quality content is that it should be from a relevant source and then written it using your own knowledge.

Only Writing for Search Engine

Search Engine plays an important role in bringing traffic to your blog but writing just for search engine is also not beneficial.
“Writing what you want, not writing what readers want to read.”

It means bloggers focus on just the search engine writing for search engine, not focusing on your reader base. Bloggers run for the only writing for highly paid keywords. They do not think if they are highly paid, the competition will also be high; they ignore the real fact about high-paying keywords.

Writing an article stuffed with keywords is always not beneficial. Coming on the first page will definitely give you readers, but if they find your article not worth it, it will increase your blog’s bounce rate.

Write for your readers, not for the search engines you will attain success; it may just take some time.

There is no specific rule or process to becoming a successful blogger. As a blogger, you have to learn from your failures and try not to repeat the wrong things you have done.

Continuously focusing on blogging can make you a successful blogger and make a good amount of money from your blog.

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