9 Best Push Notifications Ad Networks

Online advertising has evolved much to offer a non-intrusive ad experience and easy monetization, and Push Notifications Ads are such new ad formats.

Nowadays, new advertising opportunities focus on user-centric content and leverage technology that users already know about.

The current digital marketing trends suggest that customers have much say in how advertising develops.

Now, the ad formats are more non-intrusive and offer easy monetization.

It has led to the development of a new monetization solution in the form of Native Subscriptions or Push Notifications.

Push Notifications

Image Credit: Push Engage

Today, we center our discussion on how you can monetize your blog with Push Notifications.

The days of disruptive advertising are coming to an end.

The banners, interstitials, and even video ads annoy visitors. Moreover, the adoption rate of ad blockers is skyrocketing.

It has led many marketers to focus on innovative ad formats that are non-intrusive as well as offer easy monetization.

Native Subscriptions have come as a “savior” for many marketers. Now, they devote a significant portion of their campaign budgets to running native subscriptions or push notifications.

Native Subscriptions as an ad format have evolved from the traditional Web Push or Web Push Notifications.

The basic feature or advantage of Native Subscriptions or Web Push is its “delivery speed.”

Both deliver a message to your target audience.

For a moment, let’s focus on Web Push Notifications.

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What is Push Notification?

Web Push is the quickest way to deliver a message to a recipient. He only needs to click on it.

Web Push is a notification that appears on the web browser of the subscriber’s PC.

It is used to connect a website with its visitors.

These are messages that come from an app or website.

The messages appear on the recipient’s web browser even when not using a particular app or website!

The power of web push is available to both apps and websites.

web push Push Notifications

Image Credit: Sendpulse

Users visiting your website must opt-in to receive notifications on their mobile and desktop devices.

There is no need to download anything.

There is no need to install anything.

They have to click “Allow,” and they are subscribed.

The best part is that users (those who have subscribed to Web Push) don’t need to keep their website open after subscribing.

They can close the website, but you can still send them messages.

If their computer is asleep, the notification is delivered when they turn it back on.

So, with Web Push, users do not need to open your website to receive a notification.

However, the notifications are only sent to the users who have subscribed to these notifications from a specific website on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Push Notifications deliver time-bound content to engage users.

They are used to activate dormant users with offers. In addition, they retain loyal readers with personalized content and more.

Push Notification is being used to generate traffic consistently. Web push is a perfect choice for advertisements: discounts, sales, and new collections. They are used to “pushing” a client to buy something.

Publishers use web push notifications to build repeat traffic to their websites.

Another good thing about Web Push Notifications is their reach extends to mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

These notifications are delivered to the browser next to the taskbar. On Android, it is displayed in the notification tray.

You have to enable web push notifications on your website.

Then your website visitors will see a subscription prompt.

You can send notifications to your users once they have subscribed to your website notifications.

A push notification consists of 4 key elements:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Landing Page URL
  • Icon and Banner Image
  • Call to Action Buttons

(Banner Image & Call to Action Buttons are only available for Chrome)

Sending notifications is a 3-step process.

  1. You need to define the notification content using an interface or APIs the service provider exposes.
  2. One can send the notification immediately or at a scheduled time.
  3. You can define the audience to whom you would like to send notifications. The audience filters allow sending notifications to all, to a segment of subscribers, and to a specific subscriber.

Only Chrome, Windows, OS X, Firefox on Android OS, and Safari on OS X support web push notifications.

The best thing is the fact that there is no negative impact of implementing web push notifications.

Moreover, Google has been pushing it aggressively.

Creating an effective Web Push Notification Campaign involves:

  • Personalization: The messages should be highly targeted, timely, and personalized.
  • Add Call to Action Buttons: It provokes an immediate response from users, such as “Buy Now,” “Know More,” or “Share on Twitter.”
  • Use Images: It creates refreshing experiences for users.
  • Location-based Targeting: Used to send relevant notifications, such as discounts, suggestions, and more.
  • Time Zone-Based Delivery: Send a notification at the right time. Understanding your audience is extremely critical to the success of your campaign.

The best notifications are the ones with catchy titles, short descriptions, and bright images.

Monetizing Push Notifications

Push Notifications have now evolved into a premium advertising tool.

Previously they were only used as a content delivery channel.

With Push Notifications, advertisers can directly reach clients and potential customers, avoiding intermediaries such as banners or social media.

Push Notifications or Native Subscriptions have become an ideal ad format for traffic monetization.

Push Notifications are the latest monetization solution for publishers.

It’s a short alert message with an icon that appears in your client’s browser or a mobile device.

It ensures high-quality traffic and authentic audiences for campaigns.

You can use Push Notification Services (such as Propeller Ads / Adsterra) for sending web push notifications.

It’s a new ad format that opens up many opportunities for promoting your products, services, and CPA offers.

Content promotion takes a new leap with Push Notifications, should it be an offer, announcement, or brand awareness campaign.

It’s the best way to reach your customers directly.

The ad format adds diversity to your marketing mix and aids in the long-term growth of your business.

Push notifications are being used for promoting:

  • Special offers and promos
  • eCommerce Updates: sales and discounts announcements
  • News and content updates
  • Downloadable: eBooks, checklist, templates
  • Alerts based on geolocation
  • Mobile apps promos for increasing installs
  • Freebies

Benefits of Push Notification Ad Format for Monetization

Push notifications have exceptional reach and efficiency. They are delivered to the users even when not browsing the website or interacting with your app.

This new ad format offers global market access to reach existing clients and users worldwide.

They allow you to target users on every platform and device through the web and mobile push notifications.

With push notifications, you get an audience genuinely interested in your products or services.

It allows sending messages instantly to the audience worldwide. They do not take up space on your website or redirect users to different sites.

So, Push Notifications or Native Subscriptions are an ideal ad format for traffic monetization.

Push Notifications allow publishers to monetize subscribers even when they have left their site.

The advantage:

  • Real-time message delivery
  • 100% deliverable and viewable to subscribers
  • Contain clickable links

It’s a non-intrusive Native Ad format.

Users knowingly subscribe to Push Notifications and start receiving updates once a day.

Push Notifications drive the best results for both publishers and advertisers.

This ad format is extremely user-friendly.

They don’t disrupt the flow of reading or obscure text and images on the webpage.

They correspond to users’ interests, bringing publishers higher engagement and CPM.

Push Notifications ensure a lifelong income stream for a publisher.

It is compatible with every other ad type, including context, display, native, etc.

They do not violate Adsense policies. They can be used alongside ads served by other advertising networks.

Push Notification ads do not decrease profits from other ad formats.

They deliver premium and engaging ads from reputable international companies that value the audience’s attention.

Publishers collect subscribers and receive revenue whenever a subscriber clicks on the push notification served on his browser.

Advertisers get the opportunity to address their ad campaigns straight to the target audience that is truly engaged.

Starting Push Notifications Campaign (Advertisers)

Propeller Ads has launched a completely new ad format – Push Notifications. The new ad format is available for CPM campaigns on its Self-Service Platform.

You have to click the “Create Campaign” button.

Choose the CPM pricing model and select the “Push Notifications” Ad Format.

Push Notifications Ad

To run a campaign, you must create and upload JPG, PNG, or GIF image with a resolution of 192 x 192 pixels.

Ad messages can contain a Title (up to 30 characters) and a Description (up to 40 characters).

The registration process is easy; you can start a new ad campaign in minutes.

Adding Ads Native Subscriptions to your website (Publishers)

Adding Push Notifications (Native Subscriptions) to your website is extremely simple.

You must generate and paste a unique code into your blog or website HTML.

Propeller Ads statistics will start showing your earnings from Native Subscriptions (Push Notifications) 24 hours after you have added your code. Your subscribers will get Native Subscriptions from advertisers.

Push Notifications Publisher Ad

9 Best Push Notifications Ad Networks

Here are some of the best Push Notifications advertising networks for advertisers and publishers.

1. Adsterra Best Push Notifications Ads

Adsterra is a leading advertising network specializing in desktop and mobile ad formats, including display banners, popunders, direct links, pre-roll videos, interstitials, and push notifications.

It has launched a new ad format known as push notifications.

In fact, Adsterra push notifications are a goldmine for publishers. Moreover, the ad format is 100% compliant with Better Ads and Google Chrome requirements.

The ad format does not affect the revenue from traditional ad formats on the website. It works even when the user leaves the publisher’s website.

The publishers can start earning right after the user agrees to the subscription and goes on to receive the first web push from the nearest delivery.

The Adsterra browser push notifications are nonintrusive.

They are sent only to those users who have agreed to subscribe. Users can even decline the subscription and be free to go.

Moreover, the Adsterra push notifications are Google-compliant. They go along with Better Ads standards and Google Chrome 64 browser requirements.

They do not affect the publisher’s profits from other ad formats. The browser push notifications work outside of the website body.

The codes for browser push notifications are SEO-safe. They offer lifelong profit as long as users are on the subscription list.

Plus, the push notifications work on mobile and desktop devices of users that have agreed to the subscription.

So, Adsterra Native push notifications offer a new way to advertise and monetize.

  • Payment Method: PayPal, Webmoney & Paxum
  • Payment Terms: Net15 basis, Pay two times a month
  • Min Payout Amount: $5
Adsterra Push Notification Ad Network

2. PropellerAds Push Notifications

PropellerAds have always been a pioneer in offering ad formats that bring forth a non-intrusive ad experience and easy monetization.

They have launched a new monetization solution in the form of Native Subscriptions or Push Notifications.

Native Subscriptions (Push Notifications) feature among the top-performing formats on PropellerAds for nearly any audience or niche.

The biggest advantage of Push Notifications is the fact that it’s an extremely user-friendly format. It is delivered directly to the user’s device. They don’t obscure web page text and images and keep the reading flow intact.

Moreover, PropellerAds Push Notifications correspond to users’ interests and increase engagement with higher CPM for publishers.

Plus, PropellerAds serves “non-intrusive” push notifications.

The subscribers start receiving updates once a day. This frequency brings the best results for both publishers as well as advertisers.

And there’s money to be made with this ad format.

In fact, Push Notifications offer a lifelong income stream for a publisher. Moreover, users receive notifications even when not browsing your site or interacting with an app.

This ad format is fully compatible with every other ad type, including context, display, and native. The PropellerAds Push Notifications do not violate Adsense policies. They can be used alongside Google Adsense as well as other advertising networks. So, these do not decrease profits from other ad formats.

PropellerAds works with reputable international companies that always value the audience’s attention. Your first earnings will appear in your PropellerAds statistics 24 hours after you have added the code.

  • Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, ePayments, Webmoney
  • Payment Terms: NET 30 terms
  • Min Payout Amount: $100.00
PropellerAds Ads

3. Ad-Maven Push Notifications Ad Network

Ad-Maven Native push notification offers a wonderful opportunity to publishers for quality revenue and a high user experience. The ad model proves a perfect mix of a non-intrusive ad experience and high revenue.

Ad-Maven is constantly dedicated to discovering new advertising opportunities to propel you in monetization.

Native push notification by Ad-Maven is an earnest effort in this direction. It offers a quality user experience, compliant ads, and high revenue.

It’s a new monetization solution by Ad-Maven.

Push Notifications/Native Subscriptions comes in an ad format with the user in mind. In fact, it’s a top-performing ad format for nearly any audience or niche.

There are many fold benefits of the Native push notification model by Ad-Maven.

They are one of those few networks that offer this quality product. Moreover, Ad-Maven is connected to tens of thousands of advertisers and premium networks worldwide. Plus, the optimizing platform is based on its in-house technology.

The format is extremely user-friendly. It is delivered directly to the user’s device.

They don’t obscure text and images on the web page and do not disrupt the flow of reading. They correspond to the user’s interests and bring high engagement and higher CPM for publishers.

And it is also non-intrusive.

Users go on to subscribe to push notifications and receive updates once a day. With Ad-Maven Native push notifications, publishers build a lifelong income stream for themselves.

Plus, these are fully compatible with Google Adsense and other advertising networks. They do not decrease profits from other ad formats.

Ad-Maven is known for high-performing quality ads. Your first earnings appear approximately 24 hours after you have added the tag.

  • Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
  • Payment Terms: NET+30
  • Min Payout Amount: $50.00
Ad-Maven Push Notifications Ad Network

4. Push. House

Push. House is an advertising push network that cares about your profit and high ROI! They offer various push advertisement offers like iOS Push, Inpage, Web Push, and Native Ads.

Here are some of the features of Push. House

  • Over 15 tools for your campaigns.
  • Black/ White lists (by IP, by site ID).
  • Unique clicks.
  • Internal Spy service with ready-made creatives.
  • More than 700 mln. active subscriptions + feeds.
  • Minimum deposit of $50.
  • Payment methods accepted: PayPal, WebMoney, Capitalist, USDT, Bitcoin, etc.
Push.House Push Advertisement Network

5. Evadav Web Push Ads

Evadav is a well-known native advertising network. However, it also embraces and offers a new way to monetize your traffic with push notifications. So, it provides cutting-edge solutions to advertisers and publishers that are well integrated into a single platform.

Push notifications are one of the most attractive advertising formats for publishers. It comes with fast integration, high-quality content, and the highest eCPM rate among all advertising formats.

Moreover, with the push notification format, advertisers get the opportunity of high conversion, 100% brand safety, and extensive capability of targeting advertising campaigns. In fact, Evadav has deployed a proprietary anti-fraud system and an effective algorithm that predicts audience behavior.

Here, we list out the set of advantages that you get by cooperating with Evadav:

  • Evadav accepts traffic with any GEO
  • The platform has the highest conversion rate on the market
  • There are only verified advertisers on this advertising network
  • There is a personal account manager that is available 24/7
  • A wide selection of landing pages is on offer for any traffic.
  • Integration with different types of trackers such as Binom, BeMob, PeerClick, etc
  • It hardly takes 10 minutes to register and start off
  • There’s even a referral program wherein you can receive 5% of the revenues made by referred publishers
  • It supports various payment methods such as Paxum, ePayments, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoney, Visa, and Bank Transfer
  • Advertisers and Publishers with any Geo-traffic can be integrated with this system
Evadav Ad Network

6. MegaPu.sh Push Notifications Advertising

MegaPu.sh is one of the largest push notification ad networks in the internet industry. It has a full-scale DSP with over 70+ push traffic sources connected to it. The ads are delivered directly to the user’s device. So, it eliminates almost any chance of bot traffic.

MegaPu.sh offers new, creative, and effective ways of optimizing your campaigns. It’s one of the best tools for affiliate marketers, allowing you to engage readers and drive new people to your site. Moreover, MegaPu.sh provides full control over your ad campaigns.

Some of the prime advantages of MegaPu.sh include the following:

  • Traffic from all countries
  • Moderation 24/7
  • Full Tracker
  • Support 24/7
  • The minimum price is $0.001/click
  • It includes offers in dating, gambling, Nutra, crypto, sweepstakes, and more
  • The campaign setup is easy
  • Referral Program @ 3%
  • More than 12 million clicks per day
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • The system works as per the CPC model
  • Detailed settings right for the target(OS/ISP/Browser/Country/Platform)
  • It is getting popular with advertisers day by day
Megapu.sh Push Advertising Network

7. HilltopAds Push Notification Network

HilltopAds is a global advertising platform that can monetize your website traffic with best-converting offers with high eCPMs. It’s a global network with international ad serving that aims to propel online business and the growth of advertisers and webmasters by generating high conversions and increased revenues.

In fact, HilltopAds is known for its best converting offers and high eCPMs. So, monetizing web traffic lets you make big money from your websites. HilltopAds maintains good ad quality and offers many options in ad formats, including push notifications.

Moreover, HilltopAds follows the new trends in digital advertising and constantly updates its ad formats inventory incorporating push notifications, native ads, video ads, direct links, pops, and display banners.

In fact, HilltopAds serves several advantages with push notifications. The notable ones include:

  • Native to website content and users’ interest
  • Real traffic with the user’s consent for receiving push notifications
  • Ads are delivered instantly to any device, including desktop, mobile, and tablets
  • Highest CTR as push notifications are displayed when the user is not browsing the website or app

Here are some of the key features of this ad network:

  • Advanced Targeting
  • 24/7 qualified support
  • eCPM real-time optimization
  • Real-time detailed statistics
  • Traffic from direct publishers
  • Self-Service for advertisers
  • Own Adserver and RTB solution
  • No financial transaction fees
  • Custom solutions for valued partners
  • Monetize web and mobile traffic
  • Weekly payments through Bitcoin, WebMoney, Paxum, Wire, ePayments, and ePayService
  • Covers all GEOs
  • Deeper targeting with OS, Browser, Device, and more
HillTopAds Ad Network

8. RichAds Advertising Network

RichAds is one of the top push notifications global self-serve ad platforms in the internet industry. It offers high conversion rates and advanced targeting. Almost all niches perform well under the RichAds Ad Platform, including antiviruses, gambling, sweepstakes, finance, crypto, app installs, etc.

It leverages emerging ad formats and delivers effective performance at scale. So, with RichAds, you can reach a new audience and get more conversions. Here, we list out the RichAds advantage for you:

  • Premium Subscribers Lists
  • 24/7 approval
  • CPC from $0.003
  • Automated Rules
  • TargetCPA
  • API
  • Personal Ad Expert
  • Unique base

Moreover, traffic from push notifications converts to all popular verticals, including dating offers, gambling & betting offers, eCommerce, mobile apps, sweepstakes, forex & binary offers, health products, blockchain-based products, and more.

RichAds has become a leading Global Self-Serve Ad Platform with high-quality traffic and responsiveness as experts.


9. Airpush Mobile Push Notifications

If you want to experience the future of mobile advertising, then you should surely check out Airpush Ad Network. Airpush is one of the leading mobile push notifications ad networks in the Internet Industry. In fact, it’s one of the largest mobile ad platforms. More than 120,000 apps are using its Software Development Kit. It has one of the market’s most advanced targeting and optimization technology.

Airpush has many ad formats, including Push Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media Ads, Overlay Ads, and more. So, Airpush offers a more engaging and impactful effect concerning mobile advertising. For instance, Airpush has powered some of the most successful mobile campaigns for leading brands worldwide, such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Toyota, and more.

Airpush offers a variety of ad formats so that you can engage with users in a meaningful and impactful way. It offers push notifications, video ads, overlay ads, rich media, abstract banners, in-app banners, and more. In fact, Airpush has re-engineered push notifications, offering advertisers a unique channel for reaching users even when they are not actively engaged with the app. Moreover, its conversion rates are 3x to 5x higher than any other mobile ad network.

Airpush has taken mobile ad targeting to a new level, with HyperTarget allowing advertisers to target “opted-in” users based on their app download history. It reveals important information about their interests, which can be used by advertisers for better targeting their ads.

Other highlights of Airpush Network include:

  • Self-serve advertising dashboard
  • Actionable analytics on all your campaigns
  • It offers a variety of ready-to-use templates within multiple ad formats. So, reach your mobile users with the perfect message.
  • Quality inventory, rich data sets, high-performing ad units, and endless scale
  • Variety of advertiser resources such as case studies, whitepapers, API documentation, and more
Airpush Mobile Push Ads


Native Subscriptions (Push Notifications) have quickly become one of the top-performing ad formats for nearly any audience or niche.

It’s an ad format with the user in mind.

With Push Notifications, you can leverage technology that users are already familiar with.

Most importantly, it offers a non-intrusive ad experience and easy monetization opportunities.

Well, it’s high time to implement this new monetization solution in the form of Native Subscriptions (Push Notifications) for growing your business.

It’s beneficial for both publishers and advertisers.

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